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this guy. 

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Me. All the time. 

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Me and my gorge wee mate Zoe. We’re adorable! Apparently. 

That one day I tried to put on fake eyelashes.

No make-up, NYPD shirt and a cup of tea can only mean that bed time is near! I want a movie to watch though. 

I’m really happy with my hair right now. Wonder how long it’ll last! 

Me in Starbucks. My friend was there too, but so was MINI SPIDERMAN!

I gots new hair! 

Home from work. Just let me sleeeeeep. 

So we were at a club last night. They had face painting. Which is just… mega, I know. I got this pretty sweet little design done cus I just told her to do whatever she wanted! I’m easy going like that. Such a great wee night out. 

I love this photo… I don’t know why. I always have. Yes, my face is chubby, I don’t really care anymore.

standard look off to the side photo. I miss my hair this colour…. summer project methinks.

My tattoo. It’s just not as nice as some of the ones I’ve seen online. Maybe it’ll be better when I’m back down to the weight I was when I got it -_- it just looks odd now… Might get it added to and improved upon if at all possible!
edit : i also have one on my foot, but I don’t mind it so much so it’s totally cool!

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